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This spiel was used during the 2010 Junior and Senior Promenade of WMSU-ILS at Astoria Regency, Zamboanga City

(No part of this work is protected. This can be copied and reproduced for whatever purpose.)

Olga: The Junior and Senior Promenade is one of the highlights in the High School life of every student

Eric: The Promenade signals a wonderful transformation and advancement.

Olga: It is the time when awkward childish girls turn into beautiful and gracious ladies.

Eric: It is the time, as well, when playful boys metamorphose into gentlemen.

Both: Ladies and Gentlemen, the faculty members of the Laboratory High School.

Olga: The presence of able leaders causes the victory of every organization and the success of every plan.

Eric: Hence, let us bear witness to the entrance of the Junior and Senior Organization Officers.

Eric: The board of members… April Grace Evangelista.

Olga: Ms. Evangelista finds delight in listening to music and watching films. She believes that life would be dull in the absence of the melody produce by loved.

Eric: Next to walk down the aisle is Ms. Ediane Grapa.

Olga: Ms. Grapa dreams of becoming a nurse in the years to come. She hopes to be of service to humanity as she practices her would be profession.

Eric: This time, we will be having Joelyn Kawaguchi.

Olga: Ms. Kawaguchi decided to be in a pink gown with a violet ribbon which, as for her, represents beauty and simplicity.

Eric: It is your turn, Ms. Farhana L. Hassan.

Olga: Caring and Kind are two descriptions given always by her friends, Ms. Hassan agrees to the nation that understanding others is the key to worthwhile relationships.

Eric: This moment is yours, Ms. Kristine Bakil.

Olga: Kristine Bakil admires Tom Hunks as an actor. Thus, in her list of favorite movies, one will find forest Gump and Cast away.

Eric: Ladies and Gentlemen, the Athena and Adonis of the Junior Organization…Ms. Jowina J. De Jesus and Adrian Paul M. Bacharo.

Olga: Ms. De Jesus is in her fuchsia Pink gown with a touch of gold. The bolero gives accent to the tube, and the tube is beaded with swarovzki crystal.

Eric: Jowina shares the fashion fro music and find the cyberworld so enticing.

Olga: Adrian Paul Bacharo, the able night in shining armor spends his free time playing basketball with friends of filling his room with melody as he strums the string of his guitar.

Eric: The project managers…It is your turn Maicher S. Abdulajid.

Olga: He is an avid fan of Dan Brown. He dreams of seeing the different places found in the novels he read. He firmly concedes to the view that God is the greatest judge of all.

Eric: Next in the processional is Ms. Wendyl Joy Kadil.

Olga: She enamors Chace Crawford of Gossip Girls. Ms. Kadil wears a gown that showcases the simplicity of herself. As the light catches her the glitzy sequins glow adding glamour and sophistication.

Eric:  We will be having this time the Auditor- Ms. Fharnieza Mohammad.

Olga: Ms. Mohammad is easily attracted to design, be in on apparels or carved on things, the artist in her enables her to appreciate people and things around her.

Eric: It is your turn Ms. Louis Marjorie Mohammad – the Organization’s Treasurer.

Olga: Ms Marjorie’s free-spirited ways served as a magnet in attracting people. Her natural love for simple things caused her to be appreciated much by friends and acquaintances alike.

Eric: Ladies and Gentlemen, the Secretary, Juan T. Bullanday.

Olga: Ms. Bullanday remains in consonance to the view that with hope and faith none is beyond reach. She aspires to give her best in whatever task she encounters.

Eric: Leading the organization is the Ms. Chesylyn H. Coronel – the Junior Organization President.

Olga: Ms. Coronel upholds that whatever the mind can conceive, the body can achieve. Che-che, her nickname hopes to cure and bring wellness to those who are sick in the near future.

Eric: Like any ordinary lady, she is constantly updating herself with the details and issues of the cyberspace. An able Leader – Ms. Cheselyn Coronel.

Olga: This juncture is for the Senior Organization Officers. To begin with… we will be having Ms. Mikko Allas

Eric: Ms. Allas or Mik as called by he friends, dreams to be someone who saves life. Her hobbies are drawing, writing, reading, designing, surfing the web, playing computer games and music tripping. It is her belief that everything has its own beauty but not everyone sees to. Just like cherry blossoms that blossoms in Japan, Mikko V. Allas is now wearing a sweet and charming gown that has roses placed all around.

Olga: Next in line is a student of 10-BC class. He is none other than Mr. Cleovan Vicente.

Eric: Mr. Vicente wants to be an accountant in the near future. He fell head over heads to Twilight and New Moon. On this day, he walks down the aisle in a black coat with a black long-sleeved polo complimented by red tie.

Olga: Strutting the hand next is Ms. Fatima Shaimah Danial.

Eric: Ms. Danial is a good-natured lady. She allows herself to be surrounded by people who could influence her to do things better. She constantly strives to excel.

Olga: Next in line is a lady whose greatest desire is to be one of the greatest doctor in the country. Her motto in life is “Be the change you want to see in this world”. She loves reading especially Japanese comics but her passion is drawing.

Eric: Friends, Ladies and Gentlemen, help us welcome Ms. Maricchu Jean E. Alvarez.

Olga: A woman of unquestionable leadership. She gains respect and admiration of her classmates as she manages the class.

Eric: Her ways are like of an elder sister- keeping and security the welfare of all. Ladies and Gentlemen, Ms. Madelle Lyne Ablong.

Olga: The muse and escort, Ms. Sushimita Shanette Jaafar and Joseph Ryan De Guzman, respectively.

Eric: The muse, Ms. Jaafar, is wearing a white gown which was chosen to represent purity. The philosophy of the design advances the view that purity of the heart is the greatest clothing of a personality.

Olga: The escort, on the other hand, adheres to the notion that beauty is never skin deep. Instead, it is the total package which includes character, views and intentions, Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Joseph Ryan De Guzman.

Eric: Peace Officers… Abdurahman Omar.

Olga: Mr. Omar calls a spade a spade. He is a man of few words. His list of hobbies includes playing basketball, surfing the net and blogging. He believes that life is like a game – there are rules; there are victories; and, there are defeats.

Eric: This is your turn… Ms. Sarah V. Ebio.

Olga: Ms. Ebio is a lady of firm principle. She never compromises her views and her beliefs to anything. Because, she believes that the greatest bankruptcy is not the emptiness of the pocket but emptiness of moral.

Eric: With a pure heart, one can see true beauty. This is the motto that the Senior Organization’s Project Manager upholds.

Olga: It is your time to shine Ms. Karlyzel S. Pelaez.

Eric: Ms. Pelaez is in white gown simply designed and complimented by bracelets.

Olga: For this Lady, Life is a point of no return. Hence, she insists that everyone must live life to its fullest.

Eric: Friends, wearing a simple but elegant brown balloon gown with a touch of crystal beads and floral design, Please welcome the Public Information Officer, Ms. Sherhana Salamuddin.

Olga: This fellow loves the art of debating. He believes that debating is not only the expression of ideas, but also an analysis of life. He aims to become a lawyer someday.

Eric: The Auditor, wearing a gray coat with green lining silver tie, over a light blue polo with slacks, make way for Mr. Jun Carlo B. Tangon.

Olga: Next is a man who upholds the view that changing the face cannot change anything. But, facing the change can change everything.

Eric: He wears a dirty white colored tie perfectly matched with a black coat over beige-long sleeves. Walking the aisle is the Treasurer, Mr. Anfernu Baro.

Olga: He loves to hang out with friends. He always says that, in life, an action has an equal but opposite reaction.

Eric: Wearing a felted, black coat matching a cream long-sleeved, please welcome the Secretary, Mr. Julpi Jauharon.

Olga: Ladies and Gentlemen, the Vice-President, Ms. Katrina Marie Echeverria.

Eric: Life is a mixture of defeats and triumphs. Life is always beautiful to those who have hope and faith. These are the views uphold by this lady.

Olga: Radiantly stunning in her Royal Blue gown, the President, Ms. Sarah Sales.

Entrance of the Muses and Escorts

Eric: Miss Junior, Mara Angelie S. Palma.

Olga: Escorted by Rommel Regor Ong

Eric: Miss Palma is a chocolate lover. She is of the 9-Diamond class. The works of Stefanie Meyer interests her most and engages her in a wonderful journey done through reading.

She is determined to fulfill an ambition- to become a nurse.

Olga: The escort, Rommel Regor Ong is a young mathematician. To him, numbers, figures and solutions are like wonderful notes of a song.

He believes that essence of Mathematics is not to make simple things complicated but to make complicated things simple.

He dreams of becoming an accountant and a lawyer.

Olga: Escorted by Al Fahadz Asaral

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